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Love is kind.

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We offer video production services for social media, real estate, products, and ads. Every video in the products category comes with free photography.


  • YouTube Shows*
  • Shorts: TikTok, YouTube, Instagram
  • Podcast Audio & Video w/virtual set*
  • Social Media Ads

*Only available through the Lunar Eclipse offer


  • Commercials
  • Teasers/Trailers
  • Social Media
  • Product Spotlight


  • Online Stores**
  • Real Estate Properties**
  • Inventory**
  • Etsy/Amazon/Ebay Products**

**Free photography included with any offer

Love is real.

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Love is powerful.

production packages

Sugar8888 is located in Atlanta, GA and we provide service to all surrounding areas. Each offer includes video production including editing and revisions. There is a deposit which is 50% of the total offer price that is due upon booking. You are more than welcome to reach out for a FREE consultation before booking. For a consultation, email: ashley@sugar8888.com.

half moon


Full service video production includes edits & revisions for 11 videos with an 11 day agreement.

Half Moon Terms & Conditions

full moon


Full service video production includes edits & revisions for 22 videos with a 22 day agreement.

Full Moon Terms & Conditions

Lunar eclipse


Full service video production includes edits and revisions for 44 videos with a 44 day agreement.

Lunar Eclipse Terms & Conditions

Love is sweet.

What does sugar 8888 stand for?

When my daughter was born, I woke her up everyday by kissing her cheek and saying “Good morning, sugar”. One day she called me, sugar back. After begging her to call me mommy for months, I gave up. She’s now 6 years old and she still calls me, Sugar.

Ashley 11

Owner, Sugar8888

The number 8888 is a positive sign to expect infinite possibilities. The core values of Sugar8888 is love, unity, and creativity. Love is the euphoric feeling that the I receive when I film and edit. What I love to do happens to provide a service which unites us to achieve a common goal.